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Total Economy: 0.67 USD
This is the Savanna, land of the Lion
babyrozh tipped:
0.4 USD
1 year ago
Is this by@bpm or@babyrozh?
bpm replied:
all art for the game was done by@babyrozh
bpm replied:
Tips for her art here will go back to@babyrozh , promise . Later, I think we'll do some low dollar limited NFTs for Byzantine Tribes, like ($3 x 20) for each of these game works later as more players come and join up with Fox Lion and Ape. Proceeds will split between her and game prizes
bitcoin_assassin replied:
babyrozh replied:
Thank you for your support guys
Very niceπŸ‘
babyrozh replied:
Thank you Xxoxo
babyrozh replied:
This is dope.
babyrozh replied:
Thank you xoxo
bitcoin_assassin replied:
Did you draw this?
babyrozh replied:
Yes :)
bitcoin_assassin replied:
Noice. πŸ’―
babyrozh replied:
Hihi I'm glad that you liked it Mr πŸ‘ΈπŸ€