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Playing around with scrypt... and have another question that I'm sure is simple. I've written a basic bytewise AND contract (see attached image). My understanding is if I were to put OP_1, and OP_2 as the two inputs to this contract, it would be '0x51 & 0x52' which should be 0x50... but I cannot get the contract to evaluate to true. Am I missing something obvious?
musiq tipped:
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2 years ago
I can get this to work for anything that doesn't AND to 0x50... i.e. OP_1 & OP_3 evaluates to OP_1 no problem (0x51 & 0x53 == 0x51). Wondering if it's just how scrypt is putting 0x50 on the stack in the unlocking script?
musiq replied:
Does it work if you do require(this.and(this.x, this.y) == z)?
venezia replied:
To binary number, OP_1 is 01, OP_2 is 10. So the & result should be 00.
xhliu replied:
Opcode OP_1 is 0x51 in hex format. But it pushes 1, NOT 0x51, onto stack. To push 0x51, just use 0x51.
dylan tipped:
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2 years ago
xhliu replied:
dylan replied:
Thanks xhliu! Makes a ton of sense now. Will join the slack channel!