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This wedding portrait is for my client ☺️ she asked me to restore thier old wedding portrait and turn it into garden set up. The original photo is at the buttom. What do you think about the final result? Did i made it better? I'm not really good at doing portrait I think 😂 By the way I asked her if she liked my work she said yes 😁 I just wanna hear your thoughts here🥰❤️ Thanks
nate tipped:
0.02 USD
1 year ago
I’d say you did a good job. I’m with yuh - portraits are difficult.
julieann replied:
Yeah you're right portrait is really difficult. Thank you, I just need to accept commision portrait sometime, for me to buy another art materials 🤣 I think Landscape and nature are my forte.
julieann replied:
By the way I enjoying posting my stuffs here😊 Thanks for inviting me!