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In vase they consume In lost liquidity bloom A priori flowers
glauce tipped:
0.03 USD
1 year ago
emily tipped:
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1 year ago
rlcreate tipped:
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1 year ago
Brilliant haiku and a beautiful painting, there's one too many syllables on the last line but it's almost perfect otherwise, and the poetry is fantastic!
fragments replied:
Thank you 😀🙏, I was hesitating between putting "flowers" or "plant" knowing plant would work or if I perhaps take away "A" in the beginning of the last line 🤔
rlcreate replied:
I think 'flowers' fits better and is more poetic, so maybe removing the 'A' would work better, then again if the Latin meaning is meant then it has to be 'A priori', maybe 'A priori seeds' would work, it's a tough one as it's already a brilliant haiku, but that's why haikus are great as the structure makes you think outside the box
glauce replied:
Yes, the word "flowers" sounds beautiful there... and talks to the painting... if@fragments drops the "A" and contradicts the Latin, couldn't this be taken as poetical license? Just curious...
Love the painting, love the haiku... what an amazing pairing and subject!
fragments replied:
Thank you Glauce 🙏😊
"Tulips trust" oil on canvas 80 X 100cm