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I placed a first order for curbside grocery pickup today, just to not participate in mask nonsense. Either way, they win. Monopoly power has been known to be the problem for hundreds of years, if not longer. Compete you glorious BSVers, COMPETE!! I suggest a curated list of locations willing to risk that a virus with a 99.96% survival rate is not dangerous enough to consider requiring masks as reasonable, and therefore opting out of imposing such nonsense on their customers. Those businesses, if there are any (or any new ones pop up), would do pretty well, I think.
Yes! List of establishments and lets add to it individuals who are willing to take said risk. And further, participants have to digitally sign a smart contract wherein they agree to forgo medical treatment when they contract covid-19 and spread it to their families. This is what its all about! Synergy of ideas!
jackoneill tipped:
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2 years ago
jackoneill replied:
yes, i would like that list too. even only a list of the businesses willing to take unnecessary risks would be nice.
mr_wolfman tipped:
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2 years ago
Why sign that kind of contract? Ever heard of voluntary association? Any medical professional willing to exchange services for value should be free to do so. At least that's how it works in the free world.
mr_wolfman replied:
With what we know about covid19, any person who thinks they have the right to spread this virus further, is intentionally inflicting potential death on fellow citizens, and actively sabotaging our medical industry and economy.
Disagree 100%. Show your evidence. Show evidence that anyone disputes the survival rate of 99.96%. They don't because they can't now because of what "we know".