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Seriously, who is PowPing built for? What is PowPing trying to solve? Feature added left and right. Which is cool but no focus. (Attached image) A glimpse of PowPing in the future 😂
It's a content distribution system and I think every added feature is very focused for this goal. Don't know what you mean by no focus. By the way you've already broken the "rule#1" you're making fun of the rule and playing negative.
baltsar tipped:
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2 years ago
musiq replied:
Don't bring negativity to powping. It's the one last safe place left for BSV people.
baltsar replied:
I dont comprehend what you are talking about. Negativity? I post whatever I want.
I believe that it’s useful to get most of the users in one place so we can bounce ideas off each other and grow. Unwritten is linking different parts of bsv’s ecosystem into powping to help with that. From free ideas can grow monetised ideas.
We all are testers/users and mr.unwritter is giving us so many options to play with.It's like a little place with big heart and soul...
Have you seen Facebook recently? There are three different menus.
baltsar replied:
Yes I have. Is it going to be like Facebook?
sandysmoothie replied:
I think he’s referring to your mock-up which has a lot of stuff on it, including wrapping tabs.
Haha. Good questions. I think given Powpress and Bitfeed, Powping probably fits into a bigger vision Planaria Corp has.
baltsar tipped:
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2 years ago
baltsar replied:
Where can I read about this "bigger" vision?
liam replied:
I don’t know. It’s a guess on my part from briefly following@unwriter’s work. It feels like infrastructure being laid down.