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@unwriter I think as admin is important to receive notification of all communication going on in the channel, questions, answers, comments. At the moment this is not the case, I find myself on a catching up game, having to look through whole threads as I log in, just to make sure I didn't miss any important part of a discussion. Please add this perk for some happiness all around!
pete tipped:
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2 years ago
I'll add this to todo list. But for now, one thing you could do to make sure you're not missing is use the "updated" sort option on the channel page. That way most recently updated thread will be bumped up to the top.
glauce replied:
Thank you for the todo@unwriter! Will sort by "updated" till then 😊
If I understand correctly, we need transactions to hook notifications onto (via tip or comment). I usually tip the main questions, but this doesn't seem to cover answers, which can be many. To add to that, commenting is not always an option, as some subjects in discussion might go well above my current level of understanding. In this case, I prefer not to interfere until or if I get a grasp.