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Starving the BSV trolls

After my main panel at the Coingeek conference at the start of October 2020, I was asked if I would record a fireside chat conversation with Charles Miller at Coingeek Conversations. The format was genial, with a range of questions that ranged across lots of topics. He asked me the following questions during our chat:

  •  Is social media was moving towards a 'paid model', and moving away from the traditional advertising model?
  • What is the motivation for someone who traditionally got content for free, and now will have to pay to see the content?
  •  How are we going to stop the market for attention and people clicking on your content because of the person posting it?
  •  What my experiences were with using paid-for social media platforms like Twetch and Powping?
  •  How did my behaviour change interacting using paid-for social media.
  • People want to get rid of ads - but how will the ad-free model change people's behaviour who are used to using the 'freemium' model for posting on social media?
  • Are we getting better value for our content now we use micropayments to get our content?
  • Is Patreon, or similar subscriber system the shape of things to come?
  • How will the social media platforms work when they do not own the digital assets to users' content anymore?
  • What I think of the BSV business crowd and people who were starting small businesses on the blockchain.
  • Why I get trolled only when writing about BSV on ZDNet.com
  • Is BSV 'the good guys'?
  • Is the perception of BSV a marketing issue?


Saving the link here for posterity - to see if any of my predictions for BSV come true in a few years - so I'll be able to refer to this post - whenever it does happen!) :) 

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I didn't watch this whole video, but it was an interesting discussion. And frankly, well-filmed for this kind of thing. Just a note: the YouTube paid tier does indeed pass some of the revenue on to the content creator. It's a similar percentage to the ad revenue and is paid out depending on how many of the paid viewers watch a creator's video(s). Besides the paid model, another interesting paradigm is the embedded ad or sponsored content you see so much of these days. It's interesting to see the audience for influencers totally accept the fact that the content is an ad and in fact encourage it and see it as a sign of success and quality. I think this is going to have more of an impact than the paid model, at least with younger people.
eileenb tipped:
eileenb replied:
@sandysmoothie yes, thanks for the information about the YouTube model. I was trying to explain how we are so conditioned that everything is for free that we need to change our mindset into paying for content instead of expecting everything for nothing. It will take time for folks to accept that paying for content will become the norm - hence the Netflix reference compared to Amazon Prime pay per view model which is slowly taking over our viewing habits. The embedded ad will not be going away anytime soon - its the price we have to 'pay' for free media - whether its through ad revenue or viewing numbers. The entire Coingeek conference had a very slick production and events team. There were four people in the room for that chat. The investment in the entire event really demonstrated the commitment that the team has in making BSV a success in the long term.
sandysmoothie replied:
I don’t know what you usually look like, but you look great there, Ellen! I think there needs to be a big jump in Twetch and Streamanity quality for it to be worth paying for. From what I have seen so far it’s been low rent memes, long-ass nerdy blockchain videos, and political misinformation. Netflix, Amazon, even YouTube and TikTok are much higher quality and much more engaging. For it to work someone needs to invest real time and money in content creation to show people it’s worthwhile. It seems to work well for small, targeted communities with a common interest, willing to micropay for on-topic and on-brand content.
eileenb replied:
I had curled my hair and put brighter lippy on but that's essentially me - I didn't even have any studio make-up on. Those lines and wrinkles have been generated by a very action-packed life and there's no way that botox is going to erase any of the experiences I've had so far!! I'm considering starting a Streamanity channel to talk about a blockchain round-up from time to time - focusing on innovations across the protocols, and doing a roundup of news for folks that only follow BSV and might not know of other tech innovations out there. Today, I wrote about a really cool random number generator project on ETH that could revolutionise online gaming - https://www.zdnet.com/article/chainlink-vrf-makes-blockchain-games-more-trustworthy-by-using-verifiable-on-chain-source-of-randomness/ Folks who don't follow ETH might not see this news and be unable to innovate on BSV. I just need to find the time for a Streaminty channel, find an interviewer, and sort myself out!!