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I've had a lot of trouble with ios mobile devices, i,e posting and tipping? is there something i'm missing. I've seen this post but am still having trouble. https://blog.moneybutton.com/2018/09/24/how-to-enable-money-button-on-safari-and-ios/ This seems to have issues cross browsers: brave, chrome, safari. I'm getting this error.. "Error 1: something went wrong. Refresh the page and try again. if it still doesnt work, go to the settings page and try and switching the mode to strick and back to instant"
Can you try emptying the cache next time and retry? I am aware of this problem but it's been tricky to figure out when this exactly happens. But until then I think resetting the cache or clean refresh might work.
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2 years ago
arbiteroffun replied:
Thanks ill give it a look!