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Would be cool to be able to embed iframes in posts... could be sandboxed with allow-scripts while keeping form submission and popups etc disabled... Helpful article about it: https://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/security/sandboxed-iframes/ Allowing games or maps or other interactive Run jig-powered elements would be a huge competitive advantage for PowPing vs. Twetch. I'd like to use this feature to play chess vs other PowPingers. We could go to a Run-powered chess site to start the game, then challenge someone on PowPing, generating a link (which the person initiating the game could share with a prospective opponent) to click as a way of accepting the challenge and starting the game. So if someone clicks the link they go to the site and see the state of the board, unless the game is integrated into PowPing in some native way... but based on the Baemail integration it seems like having separate apps more loosely connected but working in harmony make sense. At the game site, players can also click an Embed button and copy the iframe code to paste into a PowPing post replying to the invite. From there, they can take turns playing together in one post. (They'll be logged in with a bitcoin wallet in the same browser on both PowPing and the game site to be able to replay games... could have optional video capture etc happening from the game site, not PowPing.) And in the Active tab on PowPing, there can be games for people to watch or join! Someone could even bring up an iframe before a multiplayer challenge is accepted, to "set the stage" and make their invitation all the more attractive. Also if we could have unlimited nested images / media in replies, I think that would align with the PowPing goal of rich conversations. This could be useful for live interactive music lessons, non-blockchain games... and unlimited nice things. Other feature requests: Being able to pay a little to upload audio would be sweet... Streamanity and other video embeds (YT / Vimeo / Wistia / iframe)... Making it say i tipped 2 cents when I tip 2 cents... still saying 3 afterward / seems like it usually adds a penny in the PowPing display (right amount shows in wallet). Also... I wouldn't mind seeing TonicPow / other peer to peer ads. Bitcoin is capitalism, after all :)
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4 days ago
Good ideas, you should break these down to bite sized pieces from next time so it's easier to have a focused discussion thread.
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4 days ago