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#스타벅스 #Starbucks ☕️ https://goo.gl/maps/PfBKEYhcEkcLMTBdA
You get the grapefruit piece in your drink? Is it popular in Korea?
manse replied:
Yes grapefruit. The name is “grapefruit sherbet brandid” and it's a summer menu at Starbucks. I don't know if it's a drink only available at Starbucks in Korea. It was my first time drinking it today. 😁 It's very sweet, sour, cold, and delicious. 😋🤪🥶🥰
Interesting to see, fun fact that grapefruit comes from South Africa. This season it has been difficult to export grapefruit from South Africa into Korea, because usually Korean inspectors supervise the shipments and give them the "OK". However due to COVID restrictions the entire process had to change. Glad you enjoyed the drink (with a little part from sunny South Africa)!
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1 year ago
manse replied:
I didn't know grapefruit was imported from South Africa. 😀Grapefruit is not everyone's favorite because of its unique sour taste. 😝 But I like grapefruit and luckily we can buy grapefruit easily in Korea. I want to go to South Africa once. Have a nice day,😄