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Using SFP token quantity to create a gamified experience for the token holder

For example if a website is used to present some video, or a still image, a painting, a book, for those users who hold in their Money Button wallet a certain SFP token, then it's possible to use Money Button's API to read the amount of that specific token that the user has.

Let's consider that 100 pieces of, for example, Bitcoin Play Tokens, are needed to show a high-quality photograph. As it's possible to read if the user has 0 of them, or 16, or 1000, we can create to that website all kinds of gamified experiences based on that "hodled" quantity.

How about at least 100 Bitcoin Play Tokens are needed to be able to see this photo:

The best quality photo (100 tokens or more).

But what about if the user has just 15 of those tokens? Then the experience could be:

The user has just 15 tokens out of 100 needed.

Same logic could be applied to digital paintings, video files, bodies of text, etc.

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nate tipped:
This... is very interesting. I'd do this with my gallery. This may be better than selling NFTs of the art that get chained to wallets. The tokens are the keys to the gallery as opposed to a thumbnail in a wallet.
pete tipped: