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Feature ideation: • Ability to set prices (if you want) for some of your content Example: I want to sell downloads of an image or a photoshop file. Everyone could see a lower res version of the image, but if you want to see hi-res and/or download, you swipe a cent my way. What do you all think? Would this work? Kind of like a paywall but easier and cheap af. I guess it would work with written pieces as well.. eventually video and music..
No. It can't work because we still have a free flow of information. If there actually was a value to the content then you could resell it after purchase for nearly as much as you bought it. There's no way to do DRM other than pervasive surveillance of all human activity. People will pay for things behind paywalls but they'll also donate to content creators without even a false threat so that's all that's happening is that people are donating to creators of content they like. You can't actually stop information from moving so you can't charge for it. No.
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