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Anthony de Mello

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THE SAINTS Some are born holy. others achieve holiness. others yet have holiness thrust on them. An oil well caught fire and the company called in the experts to put out the blaze. But so intense was the heat that the fire-fighters could not get within a thousand feet of the rig. The management, in desperation, called the local volunteer Fire Department to help in any way they could. Half an hour later a decrepit looking fire truck rolled down the road and came to an abrupt stop just fifty feet away from the devouring flames. The men jumped out of the truck, sprayed one another, then went on to put the fire out. The management, in gratitude, held a ceremony some days later at which the courage of the local fire-men was commended, their dedication to duty extolled - and an enormous cheque was presented to the chief of the fire department. When asked by reporters what he planned to do with the cheque, the chief replied. “Well, the first thing I’m going to do is take that fire truck to a garage and have the damned brakes repaired!” For others, alas, holiness is no more than a ritual.