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I speculate that many .80 cent warrants have been exercised and shares sold. If correct, we can expect a SEDI report very soon. I will not wait for it to go much lower.
Whoops, I am mistaken. The .80 warrants expired in Dec. 2019. We are left with only $8 warrants expiring this month. Probably all expired on the 10th so we just need to see the sedi report.
considering the 10:1 reverse split that occurred in dec. 2019 - would the "0.80 cent warrants exercised" you mention have any connection to the 8.00 warrants (expired worthless) shown in the recent sedi filing (8-10-2020) ?
liam replied:
Yes. The 80 cent warrants are not 80 cents. They are $8 because of the reverse split. I doubt they will be exercised unless it is a liquidity issue. I.e. they won’t be able to get that amount of shares on the open market because there just isn’t enough being sold. So if they bought they’d probably ramp the price close to $8 anyways. Though probably these people could strike a new deal to buy shares at a better rate.
seangray tipped:
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2 years ago
seangray replied:
I am referring to warrants issued at .08 before the halt and before the 10:1 consolidation. This would put them at 0.80. It’s a different set of warrants.
dlsit replied:
How many 80c warrants are out there?
seangray replied:
It was millions, but now only 1/10 that many. Maybe 400k - 600k
liam replied:
Oh my mistake then. Was not aware there were still warrants for 80 cents. Should be listed on SEDI soon if they were executed.
seangray replied:
You are right, Liam. I was mistaken. The order of replies is kinda wonky. We only have worthless $8 warrants left and they should have expired this week. The 80 cent warrants expired way back in December and I had forgotten.