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Bitcoin SV Node Q&A

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There are a lot more would-be developers out in the woods. A guided educational roadmap similar to this is a MUST for Bitcoin SV to become more widely adapted. https://roadmap.sh/
bitcoinrealist tipped:
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2 years ago
Yes. Bitcoin is strange. And BTC makes it look like a Ponze scam. Education is key to undoing a lot of the damage of BTC and filling Bitcoin economy roles.
bitcoinrealist replied:
t's easy to jump right in to what ultimately could be hobby level projects. Who's doing it right? Metanet seems to be the future backbone, but from what I see very little is standardized. For all I know 90% of what exists now will be considered noise for the Metanet that will be inevitably pruned. Thus, a relatively authoritative educational roadmap is essential.