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@unwriter Is there a way to view the members of a channel (as channel admin)? This way I don't have to annoy people already following the channel when asking to following?
Right now, channels only show subscriber count but not the actual members. This information is not shown to anyone, including the admins. This policy is the same as how Reddit deals with things https://www.reddit.com/r/ModSupport/comments/6ad22s/is_there_a_way_to_see_who_is_subscribed_to_my/ The reasoning is that many people may just want to subscribe to channels without having to reveal their identity (lurkers) but may join in later if there's a post they can respond to. This also means fewer people will subscribe to channels if you have to reveal your identity to subscribe to a channel. There are pros and cons to this, and I'm still observing. If you have some good insights or arguments for making the list public I will take that into account, so please share your thoughts, would appreciate it.
glauce replied:
That makes sense, I thought it would be the case... maybe there could be a choice, to opt in for identity disclosure... it would be nice for those who want to be known to the group... otherwise, the default would stay as is, not shown, so those who want privacy, would still feel free to join
unwriter tipped:
baltsar replied:
Maybe private group if you want to see members. Like Facebook private groups
unwriter tipped:
donald replied:
I thought of it more like a semi-private group, not as a forum. For a forum it would indeed make sense to keep the follow list private. Maybe this could be optional when creating the channel.
unwriter replied:
What kind of privacy options would you prefer for a semi-private group? Would it require membership approval? Would people need to join before posting? Or any other details you're envisioning would help, since I am actually considering allowing additional options when creating channels.
donald replied:
First what comes to mind is anyone can read, tip and join, but must be a member to post, respond in the group. Admin can ban a paymail account to keep it gezellig.
glauce replied:
+1... thanks for that