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i understand what makes powping different but i can't think how to explain it to people who aren't already BSV users in a way that makes them care?? like, if i tell any random person, "this new site is cool because it's bitcoin transactions, but not that bitcoin, and not on the chain,, which is interesting because it expands the use of bitcoin as an identity system",,, they will not understand a single thing that i've said to them XD i guess even though it's not actually a distinguishing feature of powping, it might still be the best selling point to just emphasize to people that it's a social network where you can get tips?? i think most people probably still haven't had their first crypto tip so that's probably still exciting for them?? :o
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The true distinguishing features of powping haven't launched yet. For now I think you are right to position it as "a place to earn some bitcoin". As of today the front page is the channels list, so it's easier to explain to newcomers who couldn't care less about the "top" users on the Powping users tab. They can come create or join some channels they like, make some friends, and earn some Bitcoins.
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