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Bitcoin SV Strategic Vision I'm sorry it's hard to read with Google Translate Bitcoin SV Strategic Vision The Bitcoin SV network has already introduced safeguards against protocols that make attacks on all systems illogical. BSV is far superior to its rival blockchain protocol and has proven to have real advantages. ************************************** A wise Jew who is a business person says: "The origin of Bitcoin is currently restored only in BSV. That means it was perfect from the beginning. Use and usefulness in the world " "Use and usefulness in the world When you start moving in this direction. It's all big Will attract. Developers and all big companies and then I feel like it's going to actually start exploding and become real" https://youtube.com/watch?v=p2mSxUoSr_4
Isn't it unlikely that such a Jew would be deceived in the normal sense? It is true that the origin of Bitcoin is currently restored only in BSV, and the use cases and performance actually developed are evidence. BSV's trading platform TDXP, which started the other day, allows you to trade stocks, exchanges and indexes with the money button. I'm actually moving forward. ETH's Defi and DEX are coin swap only I don't think we can do anything other than stocks. BSV is more advanced. BSV is basically native scaling Because it has high performance. Eventually DEX on ETH failed, It is BSV that succeeds. Because big companies with talented developers Since it is fast, I decided that it was not feasible with ETH and moved to BSV Because of the fact. All TDXP on BSV blockchain It is a DEX that supports smart contracts in. https://tdxp.app/market/Apple