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How to Publish Bitcoinized Content to Wordpress, Medium, or any other publishing platform.

Powpress is bootstrapping a new data publishing paradigm, reversing the dynamics of how the publishing ecosystem works, by utilizing Bitcoin.

And it's completely free to use because it unbundles the blockchain aspect from Bitcoin while still taking full advantage of various other Bitcoin powers without forcing users to post things to the blockchain.

The push web, powered by bitcoin

In a "pull" model, a piece of content pulls in traffic to a website (the current web). On the other hand, in the new "push" based model the content is instead pushed out to everywhere that matters (powpress) therefore the metric of "traffic" itself becomes irrelevant. The traffic happens in a decentralized manner, through whichever "host" channels the content.

In this paradigm, you don't even need a hosted website to generate revenue from your content because your content along with your authorship floats around the web with a native payment method (Bitcoin) directly attached.

You can learn more about this model here and here.

Publishing to the outside world

Q: Ok that's cool and all, but all this means apps need to follow a common Bitcoin based protocol. What if I already use publishing platforms like Wordpress, Medium, etc.? How do I "push" to those sites?

It is beneficial to have backward compatibility with the "outside world" which don't speak Bitcoin yet. Because they are not powered by Bitcoin, we are going to use a bridge protocol you may be familiar with: Clipboard.

Here's a demo:

That's right. You can now export your powpress content to any WYSIWYG editor. You will see a "publish to external sites" button when you press the "publish" button.

When you click that button you will see the following popup:

Then you can just go to any of your favorite WYSIWYG editor and paste the clipboard content and publish there. The important part here is that it automatically inserts the transaction information footer at the bottom:

The readers may be able to directly tip you through this, as well as verify the authenticity of the author by checking the transaction and the signature included inside.

Who should use this?

First of all, if you are a casual user, you probably don't need to use this.

At the moment there's not much benefit in publishing Powpress articles to Medium or Wordpress. You will enjoy more tips and future revenue opportunities by publishing to apps like Powping, which have built-in community and audience.

So what is this feature for?

  1. It gives you an option: It's good to know that it's there when you need it. You may want to cross post sometimes.
  2. People who already have a blogging tool: If you already have a blogging tool, you may not want to drop it just because you see the potential in Powpress. You can keep using your blogging tool, but keep every one of your blog posts Bitcoinized through Powpress.

The immediate benefit is that you can "Bitcoinize" every one of your blog posts without having to give up your existing blogging tool.

By Bitcoinizing your post, you can cryptographically prove the authorship even in your "outside world" websites (Medium, Wordpress, or any other publishing platform).

How should I use this?

So if you have decided you want to do this, here's what I recommend:

  1. Compose article in Powpress
  2. Publish to Powping (or any other Bitcoinized apps coming in the future)
  3. Republish to your "outside world" blogging tool too (Medium, Wordpress or whatever)

This way you can natively plug your content into Bitcoin communities like Powping, while at the same time publishing the same content to your other blogging tool.

Another benefit is, your "outside world" blog enjoys the fact that every article is explicitly signed by the author and provides a direct payment route through the embedded Bitcoin identity (Paymail). For example, there may be 5 people writing for the same website, and each can prove their immutable authorship, and get paid individually and directly through Bitcoin.

But again, at the moment you probably don't need to use this if you're a casual user. Unless you have an existing blog like Wordpress it's better to publish to one channel like Powping (for now) and focus on promoting that one.


This is just one of many things made possible by signing and encoding data with Bitcoin. Much more to come. If you are interested by now,

  1. Don't forget to read the original article on Powpress: https://powping.com/posts/33b2c2ee7f45d2e8852c28d83c11a6be1cef07748b4fbb1619789454c8cbad8e
  2. Follow me on Powping: https://powping.com/@unwriter
  3. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/_unwriter
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Would be nice to add inline auto expanding twitter links.
unwriter replied:
Yes it already works. I think Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram links work (For twitter make sure to get rid of the "?s=20" at the end). Here's an example: https://powping.com/posts/fd538e2c22aea294ac2db35fcfaed5ff4faa80b620a7e671eeb4d37f27e87b13
I see no use-case for the masses. 🤷‍♂️ A Wordpress plugin that post on PowPress automatically might be better for a average content maker?
nillavanilla replied:
Good thinking! That's easily done with https://kyrt.net
baltsar replied:
I have been following Kyrt. I hope they let me in, looks good and user friendly.
Will try with my next article.
unwriter tipped:
0.01 USD
2 years ago
Currently the clipboard text is for human consumption. For machines to parse/regex the wysiwig clipboard content (like MoneyStream will have to do) it would be nice to have two pieces of data in a more structured format - the paymail and optionally the transaction id. html5 custom data attributes work well for this. http://html5doctor.com/html5-custom-data-attributes/ I propose (off the top of my head) <a ... data-source-type="powpress" data-author-paymail="the_paymail" data-bitcoin-tx="the_txid" ... Not sure if anchor tag is best place to put this. Maybe there can be a custom tag? Some other better way? Think toward the future when user agent (i.e. browser) will need to parse this stuff and take action on it. Make a sensible backlink to the source info.
unwriter tipped:
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2 years ago
unwriter replied:
Yes I had a similar proposal a while back https://sticker.planaria.network/ Now rethinking based on the new landscape. Maybe could add an additional meta attribute "bitcoin-paymail", for example: <meta name="bitcoin-paymail" content="644@moneybutton.com">
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2 years ago
vegardwikeby replied:
I love this. Finally the sticker idea is evolved or morphed into this direction. Thank you for your work@unwriter, your implemented ideas are the future we are in more need of. Hope this takes off and data can just be signed by a Paymail user to be used for all sorts of terms (embedded or linked to terms onchain) for all sorts of AIs to utilize data and get paid for it, so much going for this.
unwriter tipped:
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2 years ago
man you make me feel like buying BSV again :)
unwriter tipped:
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2 years ago
danlazo replied:
I wouldn't until the price goes down more.
adonsats replied:
🤪 me too
Just published this on Medium using this feature: https://medium.com/@_unwriter/how-to-publish-bitcoinized-content-to-wordpress-medium-or-any-other-publishing-platform-b1a454740837 Scroll to the bottom to see the transaction signature.
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andy replied:
Just keep going. Don't stop. 😃