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Anthony de Mello

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The man was a regular customer and the management did its best to please him. So when he complained one day that only one piece of bread was being given him with his meal, the waiter promptly brought him four slices. “That’s good,” he said, “but not good enough. I like bread-plenty of it.” So the next night he was given a dozen slices, “Good,” he said. “But you’re still being frugal, aren’t you?” Even a basketful of slices on the table next day did not stop his complaints. So the manager decided to fix him. He had a colossal loaf of bread baked specially for him. It was six feet long and three feet wide. The manager himself, with the help of two waiters brought it in and laid it on an adjoining table, then waited for the reaction. The man glared at the gigantic loaf, then looked at the manager and said, “So we’re back to one piece again!” (Lighting a candle is good, but cursing the darkness is fun). 🙂