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We apologize if anyone has seen the WallStreet5 link on Twatter and sought our latest video "Unbounded Enterprise". It will be reposted soon, our EXTREME editing style found a microscopic idiosyncrasy and we pulled the video for "remodeling". Prolly not our best decision, but sometimes good money comes after bad despite our best efforts. Will post link shortly to the newly-revised #DITR first interview in our interview series... (stay tuned). https://twitter.com/Street5Wall/status/1346230791731351553?s=20
I have a Twatter token for you
Ahhhhhh, that was you! Thanks! (I think?). Comical, but what does the full inscription say if not shortened by the circular enclosure? (in black and white)
nenicloud replied:
haha...I heard you say 'Twatter' on maybe the podcast you did on tokens...and you guys talked about Russia, 'The Queen's Gambit', and different mentalities we have...I had already made the Twatter tokens on Fabrik and figured I'd send you some. I honestly dont remember what it says in the circle...Something about shooting the bird? Back to that podcast...it was awesome. It's nice to know that my thoughts are not completely off when I am thinking about things like thinking that everyone thinks the grass is greener everywhere in the world right now. Americans want to get out of the US...They have people that want to get out of where they are to get into the US...I think that it's funny that the majority of Americans are completely unaware of things that are literally right in front of their faces. We were raised to believe that Russia was all propaganda and corruption (which I am sure that it is/was). I think that they were much more aware that they were being fed propaganda though. Meanwhile, we are thinking that the US is great and that our country cares about each and every one of us...COMPLETELY unaware that we are fed massive amts of propaganda and have been literally programmed over time (through information--radio programs, television programs, and of course !! the internet/media) to be clueless that we are being manipulated and nudged this and that way to become whatever it is that 'the powers that be' want us to become. Anyways...I've said too much. I realize the topic was tokens, but I enjoyed the personal experiences you guys shared as much as the info ab tokens. Take Care John/Jack (Catholocism...)
nenicloud replied:
ohh....You said 'Twatter' in the above post...my mind is all over the place.
Reality and facts are only what's happening in the present, and seconds later we start to forget, so everything is open to interpretation and change. Sometimes I think the only useful part of thinking is the ability to make predictions. We retain history simply to be able to predict.
nenicloud replied:
I like that...Did we forget our history completely? Is this the iteration in the replay of the evolution of humans that allows us to remember indefinitely and only improve as this iteration is pruned? Or do we actually use the information that is held on an immutable ledger and learn from the cause/effect relationships of the choices and actions that we did or did not make/perform?
We probably make the same mistakes--- history considered no-longer-important will be deleted, right before it's needed most. Just how humans are. The Japanese wrote warnings to not build below huge tablet stones due to 100-year tsunamis. These were ignored anyway, and Fukishima was rekt. So even when written in stone, we tend to ignore the lessons of the past.