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More and more I sense that bitcoin is more than simply peer-to-peer electronic cash, but that it's the basis for an emergent paradigm shift that values the autonomy and agency of individuals over and above those validated by external means. But just because the value of your agency is restored that doesn't eliminate the personal responsibility you assume in that process in the same way that eliminating the trusted-third-party doesn't remove the personal responsibility of managing your own finances. If anything, your personal responsibility increases as your agency and autonomy increases, and that means being willing to engage with perspectives outside your own with an open-mind. It's precisely the diversity of views that our inclusivity facilitates which becomes the greatest strength of our network by ensuring that no single-point of failure exists as we each seek to deepen our understanding of ourselves and each other.
Jean Gebser describes this shift in his book, "The Ever-Present Origin," as aperspectival realm. the prefix, a- "to free from", not a-, "to negate." He describes our current paradigm as being perspectival in nature and emerging with Leonardo DaVinci's frescos. The perspectival realm is representative of the third dimension necessary for objectivity and rationality to emerge from prior fundamentalism and mythic-literalism representative of the 2nd dimension, i.e the yin-yang symbol. For a new paradigm to emerge, previous paradigms must be integrated and preserved. In other words, a paradigm which emerges from rationality cannot conflict with rationality since rationality becomes a junior subset of the emerging order, much in the way that the noosphere could not emerge from the biosphere while being in conflict with the norms of basic biology. This creates a ladder process that Aldous Huxley described in his book, The Perennial Philosophy as "The Great Chain of Being," whereby emergent stages are gradually more integrated and thereby less dense.