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The real pandemic is poor nutrition. But no ones talking about that.
Exactly, balanced diet is a key to good health the majority off ills is the result of to much acidic food. 70% basic (alkaline) the rest acid is correct ratio. A rough guide all fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices is basic (alkaline), even lemon, the rest acidic (fish, meat, rice, grains, all dairy, every drink with CO2….). Food can either help the body’s efforts to keep pH at the optimal level or hinder. A death giveaway, Healthy Blood has a pH of 7,35 - 7,45, slightly alkaline, 7 is neutral The PRAL score (Potential Renal,Kidney Acid Load) of almost 7000 foods, ideally -2 for all daily food http://dietgrail.com/lowaciddiet/ Dietary acid load and mortality among Japanese men and women: the Japan Public Health Center Study https://academic.oup.com/ajcn/article/106/1/146/4569818
marquee replied:
There's a lot more to nutrition than pH. We don't need to eat fruit and veg. All the nutrients required for humans can be found in high quality meat, and is much more bio-available. In other words much easier to digest and absorb.