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BSV Tokens

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Token Panel quite useful. According to@ryanxcharles 's handy defining of "layers" of tokenization methodology... Layer 0 token: Tokens using satoshis (BSV tokens) themselves as tokens. Layer 1 token: Tokens which use BitCoin scripting language inside BSV tokens to implement the tokenization. Layer 2 token: Tokens OFF-chain. EDITORIAL COMMENT: My opinion? Tokens will be safest when attached to actual BSV tokens-- aka tokens should have a definitive "PAR" value associated with BSV tokens themselves ($170 BitCoin / 100mm = value in USD per satoshi). This has implications with the dust-limit (currently 140 sats) which Nodes agree to transact-- typically use BSVNode software (from nChain) or their own custom Node software. Why might it b important for tokens to have a "container value" in BSV? Garbage collection / efficiency. There will be failed tokens, probably a lot of them, so why should Nodes maintain them on 0-value BSV tokens? It's a tax on the rest of the BSV community to have Nodes maintain nonsense coins. More at the end of this article on implications for BSV's asset value wrt pruning/dust-limits... https://sym.re/oavobE https://powping.com/posts/43f3c7a55d870987e26e20e3db041ab285f40d4c0789968f3394206f90dc44ba