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Total Economy: 0.03 USD
4 BSV left. Just like 4 months to the end of 2020, the year Craig promised to sell all his BTC.
Typical "weak hand".
What do you mean 4 BSV left?
framore replied:
Sold all, 4 left.
196!! Dude, what I always want to do in life is to clean your future huge swimming pool. I will mail you my cv. Im damm good on it
framore replied:
arbusto replied:
Wasnt ur goal 200?
framore replied:
it was but things change. Just like Craig is not sellung his btc.
framore replied:
just like the halvening didnt kill btc... just like February nothing happen in court... only thing change is bsv is loosing value, market and the topic is still the same: Craig is Satoshi, BSV is the original. Enough for me.
arbusto replied:
Yes, thats true... I dont think he is going to sign anything this year... Probably satoshi s btc s will never be moved. I dont have enough evidence of he being satoshi... Just that he is the one who more bitcoin knowledge has that I have ever heard. But somebody else could know more, its just that I havent hear anyone else saying so many things about the protocol and being so right. I dont really care what happen with price nor when... But I m really impress about what is built, what is being build, and what will be build with it. If u still have 4, u will be able to build a tons of things if u want it... U can make a lot with it, so its fine. 200 is way to much for me, probably just need it for building a bsv fed or something like that... What im trying to say is that who cares about satoshi signing? What is important is what u can build with it
framore replied:
If he doesn't keep the word he is a liar. Full stop. That is why everyone calls him a liar. Nobody calls me a liar. Why? Because I haven't lie. He has this bad reputation so he should be more careful and speed up clearing this image by fulfilling his promises. No selling btc, no signing... game over.
link tipped:
musiq replied:
The problem is not him not signing. The real problem is calvin and friends for some reason have been spending all their time and energy aggressively doing propaganda campagin to market BSV as Cregcoin despite knowing he can't sign today. They should stop.