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What I’m really interested to see As miners such as TAAL lead the way in securing deals in relation to transaction processing, it will be interesting to see if other BTC miners will take notice and if/when they start to implement this into their own business strategy.
This is impossible with a capped blocksize, capped script limits, removed op_codes, and an altered data structure that does not scale properly with SPV. They might decide to lift the block size limit at some point to say, 2mb or 4mb but I think by then it will be too little, too late.
light replied:
I mean to say it's impossible on BTC... They could always switch to BSV mining but it will take a massive paradigm shift in their thought processes to accomplish.
satoshisdisciple replied:
Sorry I don’t understand what you mean by this. Does that mean you aren’t interested, or does that mean other miners are sleeping to this?
jack replied:
BTC miners 💤
It's already started
satoshisdisciple replied:
Any info that shows this?