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Last minute despair The ups and downs of football Same again next week
glauce tipped:
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1 year ago
Intense feelings! You took me back to Brazil, growing up with football madness, everything else around playing second fiddle to the general excitement... ups and downs for sure!... Very nice to travel with words, thank you@ricreate!
rlcreate replied:
Thanks@glauce , yeah it's a great sport can bring agony or ecstasy. Wow I didn't know you grew up in Brazil, that must have been amazing, I've always wanted to visit!
glauce replied:
Yeah... your haiku inspired memories... as a kid I lived near two big football stadiums... two giant teams... it was crazy mad when the games were on, let alone the World Cup... 😆😂🤣... hope you have a chance to visit when the world is beautiful (after the creeps are gone)...
rlcreate replied:
That sound like match days were probably a bit mad, the passion for football in Brazil is awesome. Thanks I hope so too, though I fear there will always be creeps unfortunately, but as long as there's more good people than creeps then hopefully things will improve over time