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Anthony de Mello

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One Sunday morning after church God and St Peter went to play golf. God teed off. He gave a mighty swipe and sliced the ball off into the rough beside the fairway. Just as the ball was about to hit the ground, a rabbit darted out of a bush, picked it up in his mouth and ran with it down the fairway. Suddenly an eagle swooped down, picked the rabbit up in its claws and flew it over the green. A man with a rifle took aim and shot the eagle in mid-flight. The eagle let go of the rabbit. The rabbit fell onto the green and the ball rolled out of its mouth into the hole. St Peter turned to God in annoyance and said, “Come on now! Do you want to play golf or do you want to fool around?” And bow about you? Do you want to understand and play the game of life or fool around with miracles? 🙂
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