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Today I am happy to announce that MiniForth is open source. 😊 It's a simple tool that makes it easier for me to write programs using Bitcoin scripts. See more at https://github.com/Ljzn/mini_forth/tree/master/c
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MiniForth Playground Update: View the execution result of the script immediately while editing.
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Update: Now you can try MiniForth on the playground without installing anything https://mini-forth.vercel.app/
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MiniForth v0.1.0 is released. Fixed many bugs and added tests. See the changelog here: https://github.com/Ljzn/mini_forth/releases/tag/v0.1.0
This is awesome. I am so glad you decided to open source it.
👏 this is brilliant
now we can go to the channel for a fair challenge 😱
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