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From the report mentioned in https://www.theepochtimes.com/joe-biden-appears-to-outperform-in-counties-using-dominion-or-hart-voting-machines-data-analyst_3625672.html: Our analysis of publicly available data shows evidence of possible fraud involving Dominion Voting System’s BMD machines and Hart Verity Touch machines. The analysis shows Dominion machines may have been manipulated in multiple counties across the country. It appears the fraud may have been some type of systematic programming resulting in the “overperformance” of candidate Biden by approximately 5% in many of the counties in which the machines were used. The increases in votes occurred in hundreds of counties in the U.S. The election results from any county in the U.S. that used Dominion BMD machines or Hart Intercivics machines are, in our opinion, not reliable. Federal, State and local officials should take every possible action to investigate and correct the calculated tallies of their elections if they used any of these machines in the vote counting.