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check out what i just got ->>> hardware for building a pi phone. I'm super stoked about this here piece of raspberry pi
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This is an entirely new area for me and it looks exciting. Hmm, must start looking into Raspberry Pis!
ups1d3d0wn replied:
Yes. Raspberry Pis are really really cool. You can do so many different things with them. They are basically little computers that you can program to do whatever you want. You can use them as servers, make robots with them...They have a lot of projects listed on www.raspberrypi.org
This has mics on it and can be used for a variety of things...You can use it for a phone (like I will be doing) and you can even use it to make a DIY Alexa if you program the voice recognition parts into the PI.
My phone's camera sucks, but I have a few pictures of a couple of the parts that I have for this project. This is the actual raspberry pi zero w chip. There are two ports for micro usb cables to be plugged in...One is for power, and the other is for hooking it up to a peripheral or you can even hook it up to your laptop and ssh into the micro sd card to set up your OS. It also has a mini HDMI port that you can use to hook it up to a monitor.
Pi phone built from scratch, how nice!... Oh, how about a video showing us how you get on? Or an article... I would love to get the know-how to build one myself, have been dreaming of something like that for a long while... thank you for this post!
ups1d3d0wn replied:
Step 1: Think about a cool project you can build with a raspberry pi set up and I'll happily help you research the parts to get Step 2: I would probably get a raspberry pi 4 (that would be my preference even though what I have in that picture is a raspberry pi zero w) and you would also need a micro sd card for it. ***when you are making these things, I would stick to 32gb and under SD cards...I got a 64gb one and didn't realize that they are different in some kind of way and require a little more research to image...I would love it if anyone else was interested in working through a project together so we could hit the other person up if we get stuck somewhere in the build process.
Cool I didn't know that existed. How much does it cost? I will get that too.
ups1d3d0wn replied:
the phone? Or raspberry pis? I have known ab raspberry pis for a while now but this is the fist time I have actually decided to mess with one. The actual raspberry pi is a chip that has some ways to connect to peripherals and basically make the chip a small computer. You usually use an SD or micro SD card as the hard drive. The phone project is actually something I am doing for someone else but we are thinking about doing some models for fun...It is basically inspired by the 'blue boxes' that they used to make back in the day that Steve Jobs and The Woz were building and selling just before they starting doing bigger things like building Apple. Let me know what you are asking about specifically...I am not sure how much you know about rasp pis. They are extremely interesting.