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Anthony de Mello

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A despairing couple sent urgently for the child psychologist because they just did not know what to do with their little son who had installed himself on the rocking horse of a neighbouring kid and refused to get off. He had three rocking horses of his own at home, but he was adamant that the one he wanted to sit on was THIS one. Attempts to drag him away led to such howls and shrieks that he was put right back on the horse. The psychologist first settled the matter of his fee, then walked up to the kid, tousled his hair affectionately, bent down and smilingly whispered something in his ear. Instantly the kid got off the horse and docilely followed his parent’s home. “What kind of magic did you use on the child?” asked the wondering parents. The psychologist collected his fee before he said, “Simple. I just bent down and said, ‘If you don’t get off that horse this minute I’m going to beat you up so you won’t be able to sit down for another week. I’m being paid to do this, so I mean it.”’ Before you punish a child ask yourself if you are not the cause of the offence. 🙂