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I think you need to remove everything from the &-sign and on. So use https://youtu.be/kSpGnZmGWBk
. I got this address by right-clicking on the video and copying the address.
Ok, let me try doing the same for a Streamanity video: https://streamanity.com/video/WVSBizF5hqsp (removed everything after the "?")
Nope, no dice. Unable to make the icon show up for a Streamanity video.
But your point on the above Youtube video is spot-on, thanks. See if you can get a Streamanity to work.
bitcoinsteffen replied:
I don't think I can do any little thing to make preview of a Streamanity video work. I think it is up to Powping to add support for preview of Streamanity videos. It is the same for newtube videos as I have reported to Powping on https://powping.com/posts/c4ae34e5e800ff6f985d91569a34e04cd0c13e61f22ca44e4e88263a4689e67d.