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Found a brand new, still factory-wrapped Maxell cassette tape at the bottom of a box of stuff. That's how old I am. The tape itself reminds me of #BTC technology and 1 mb blocks!
muzique tipped:
0.29 USD
1 year ago
Sitting beside one of these?
Yes, exactly! Gregory Maxell. ;-)
Tapes remind me of my commodore 16 I used to go into town to pick a tape game off a rack and all that I had to go off was 3 screen shots of the game on the back cover.
brian tipped:
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1 year ago
brian replied:
Do you remember a game called Rogue?
mooncat replied:
I don't remember that one. I was playing games like Icicle Works and gauntlet
brian replied:
I remember gauntlet, but I think that was Atari 2600 I was using.
mooncat replied:
I remember Atari with Pitfall and pacman