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Where on the growth curve is Bitcoin?

Comparison with the Internet growth

Here's a chart for the growth of the Internet between 1969 and 2002:


Are we at A?

Or are we at B?

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eileenb tipped:
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2 years ago
david48l tipped:
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2 years ago
we really need a vote for it. A or B ? πŸ˜…
We at A, but the unit of X axis will be month, not year.
glauce replied:
Aha... nice perspective!
How has the yelling old man affected BSV's chances of success?
cog replied:
I believe this singularity will come soon, because more and more excellent people join in.But I think we are at A,because it could be a super big change and it will take time
we are not even at A. When I tell about Bitcoin to 99% of people they don't understand, they are not interested and they have no wish to do both. Something huge needs to happen for making Bitcoin trendy again.
bitcoinrealist replied:
Local currencies collapsing might do it.
dasbitcoin replied:
In 1995 99% of people had no idea what the internet was.
A , B, A, B ... πŸ˜† I think we need to watch some old Satoshi videos to be sure...
@unwriter what do you say? :)
B... it can't be any other way, the fireworks are pointing to a fast rise... at least, that is what I am mentalising for.
A for sure. Have a Good Life.
liam replied:
If we are at A I don't see how Bitcoin can survive as the block reward keeps halving every 4 years.
adonsats replied:
arnout replied:
This is not about price.. This is about use.
arnout replied:
@liam This is not about price.. This is about use.
liam replied:
Yes. Use leads to price. No usage = no price = no business model for miners. So if we are at A now and it’s gonna take 20-30 years before we see any real usage, bitcoin will fail because miners will go out of business.
arnout replied:
I think you have it wrong. Price leads usage.
liam replied:
@arnout maybe today when use is mainly speculation yes. But bitcoin only survives long term with real use cases so miners can have a sustainable business model from millions of txs fees.
murphy replied:
Price will attract people and push adoption main stream. Utility will make people addicted to the tech and push fidelity of it.
CSW signature, B. CSW can't signature, A.
david48l tipped:
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2 years ago
benjamin tipped:
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2 years ago
Until we get frictionless on-boarding for non-tech users who even struggle with 2FA, then Bitcoin is currently to the left of point A. The necessity to have a *separate* wallet to use most blockchain based systems - and to have enough money in it to start transacting on the network is a major blocker for most. Many Blockchain users exist in a tiny bubble without a view of 'outsiders' who, often do not know if they have a dual-band Wi-Fi router, or even know how to turn off Bluetooth on their devices, Until then, Bitcoin will crawl along that depressing horizontal lower line. Social media platforms like Facebook have crippled intellectual curiosity for many who blindly follow and share content without investigating further. These will be Bitcoin's future users. Imaging your mom using this sort of tech - and then scale that outwards across a massive (Facebook-like) user base. There is a loong way to go yet.. :(
musiq tipped:
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2 years ago
liam replied:
Agreed there's still lots of work. But I don't think it'll take another 20-30 years before we see crazily simple to use apps for Bitcoin. I feel we are already almost there. Signing up to Moneybutton is as easy as signing up to facebook now. Hard part is actually getting it funded with BSV, but I can see that becoming as easy as a click of a button very soon.
A quick heads-up: "nodes" on the chart above refers to number of hosts, whereas in the context of BitCoin, "nodes" often means miners. We won't have tens of millions of miners.
unwriter replied:
The essence of the question is about adoption. Ignore the terminology details.
andyg replied:
Maybe total CPU power would be a relevant analogy