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I'm looking at the #powping transaction structure. out[0] looks like the public key of the paymail and a signature for out[1] out[1] looks like the message and the metadata I'm wondering which public key is being used. I had a look at my money button account and the first public key in the derivation path of m/44'/0'/0' from the mnemonic but it doesn't match. I haven't looked into the bsvalias protocol, so maybe that's where I'm missing something. Can someone help me understand which private key is signing my powping messages?
For moneybutton, the path of the identity keys for paymail are at: m/44'/0'/0'/0/0/0
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1 year ago
marquee replied:
OK, for https://powping.com/tx/902840418315feaad43bd03dc6871519c11f89d9bb33c0986fd4917bb475ac6c out[0].s3 is "03c12aad779fbc4b24f894483a54ac87c702b11dedcc1fa639ba808337bab8ef30" When using the derivation path for my moneybutton account that you supplied, which index is it? It's not 0. Or do I need to use the paymail keys, and are they different to moneybutton? My understanding is paymail acts like DNS and provides a public key for a bsvalias. All my signed powping posts use the same s3 value which indicates to me that powping is using the same index pubkey. out[0].s2 is "marquee@moneybutton.com"
marquee replied:
Don't worry I found it, the identity key derivation path and too many zeroes. It's m/44'/0'/0'/0/0 Thanks for the help, I understand it now.
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@unwriter wen Edit button? I know I can delete and reply again but that's not as user friendly. Maybe do that behind the scenes anyway.