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Total Economy: 0.01 USD
Marco Strub of Indutec AG let some options expire according to SEDI. I googled this guy and it seems he is involved in Gold and Zinc mining in Zurich Switzerland. Anyone have more?
musiq tipped:
0.01 USD
2 years ago
Don't fret, Marco. If you HODL the 3K you had then you will be just fine. I couldn't settle for that number though.
seangray replied:
These are the warrants that are expiring now.
seangray replied:
Remember to multiply all dollar amounts by 10 and divide all holdings or options by 10.
seangray replied:
Correction: Multiply all dollar amounts by 2 then by 10 and divide all holdings or options by 2 then 10. Many of these were finders fees. 100K became 5K.
seangray replied:
All these big boys need TAAL price above $5 for any of these warrants to have value LMAO. REKT.