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Challenge to fellow powpingers !!! I will tip $2 to one of the first 20 replies to this message. I will do it to the most valuable comment. It can be anything - a link, photo, meme, slogan, philosophical thought..It will be strictly based on my personal preference and only the first 20 comments will be considered.
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A flower spends no time dyeing But when it does die It explodes with life
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Thank you 👍🏻
OK, Less than 20 replies, but I will review them and I will tip shortly !
There are big benefits to being dead.. and then coming back to life: More spiritual: 81% More compassionate, greater desire to help: 78% More appreciation of life: 77% More meaning, purpose in life: 78% Greater belief in survival of death of the body: 82% Less fear of death: 86% Less interest in material objects: 53% Less interest in status, personal prestige, competing: 37% These results were from 1000 cases of NDEs. But if we can't induce a near death experience, the next best thing is to reflect on death often. Memento mori - remember you will die. Time is our one non-renewable resource. Don't waste it.
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The absence of evidence does not imply the evidence is absent
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Projects that make promises mean more to idiots then projects that deliver progress
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bulao108 replied:
Derived using numerology principles and applying music theory :)
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