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If someone from the future told you that PowPing captured >100m users, what in your opinion would have been the catalysts?
4) copulate powping WITH a tool that pay people for simple jobs ^ Satoshi will bring this tool in the future IT will rock the sky as 3 times tool of the year :)
the answer could be very simple: 2) USE POWPING to sell weed, canabinol 3) USE powping as a layer for EDUCATION platform
Integration with existing social media. Enable reposts of instagram posts etc here, get users paid for existing content. Then phase out the integration when users realise the future isn't ads.
When the world knows BSV is Bitcoin. BSV is number 1 marketcap for 3 years straight.
When it was marketed as free for any content, but likes, shares, reshares and any future interaction with content beside commenting was micropayments.
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1 year ago
That users don't need any bitcoin to start using it, which drastically reduces the onboarding friction. Almost all of the actions are free and even the paid actions cost such a trivial amount so the amount of user engagement isn't too constrained. The platform aimed to maximize the amount of users they could bring on and reduced the friction of their interactions as much as possible. While having several paid actions that don't impede the basic/core experience of the user on the platform. Also, the fact that new users can earn bitcoins without having any initially is an incentive for them to not only start using PowPing but to make as many quality posts as possible to earn. Especially if there are other potentially worthwhile bitcoin apps that require you to initially have bitcoins to start using it, you can earn a small amount here and actually spend a few cents on an app like Streamanity for example.
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1 year ago
• Popular content creators deciding to use powping • A few viral posts that end up getting thousands of dollars in micropayments • Further privacy breaches on current social media platforms • a BSV network with tons of other apps and very smooth onboarding
jackcliu replied:
good thoughts
Now this is a productive mind exercise.
This ➜ https://powping.com/about Particularly the Philosophy section.
jolon replied:
When Facebook and Twitter launched their unique features were apparent from the start, Facebook was about personal identity (photos + real name), Twitter was about instant public messaging. From what I can tell, PowPing is focused on quality conversations. If that is something the general population wants then I think it can get to >100m.
jackcliu replied:
Haven't had a chance to work together directly, but big fan of your contributions to Bitcoin!
Absolutely the acceptance of BSV by the broader community. This is key.
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1 year ago
chio replied:
Agreed 👌
The guy from the future told me how PowPing captured > 100m users. That was the catalyst.
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1 year ago
brian replied:
Powping becomes a plug in (on top of what it is now) such that the comment section on YouTube or other services go through powping, enabling tipping and accountability across multiple platforms.
jackcliu replied:
On this point, Streamanity comment section is up for replacement. We are fully interested in a shared solution whether that’s PowPing Or Twetch or Metalens or something else.
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snugg replied:
Awesome! I have other good ideas too, and need a job. Pls hire me senpai
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Unwriter get's exclusive, undisputed, Satoshi Nak. interview and is posted here and linked to by all the world's press... followed by global elucidation that BSV is bitcoin, followed by global embracing of BSV as the "piping for the metanet", etc. Just giving the bizarre scenario as I don't see many!
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1 year ago
brian replied:
What a fantasy! Would be great if it happened, though
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1 year ago
benjamin replied:
Safe to say that's most likely where it will stay... in fantasy land!
100 m BSVers :)
1. celebrity endorsement of some type 2. Bitcoin novelty and price 3. A new generation of users who understand and care about the ramifications of constant privacy breaches
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1 year ago
adonsats replied:
a very far future