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"Store of Value" coin (BTC) vs. "Medium of Exchange" coin (BSV). Which will be more anti-fragile in a great economic depression? And Why?
I really think they're not comparable. "BTC" is a fantasy, it's pure fantasy. It doesn't do anything. So regardless of circumstance it can keep doing nothing, and people can keep valuing it doing nothing if they want to, you can't stop them from paying a zillion dollars for a completely useless token that they just like to value, and why try to stop them, let them have their toys. Probably it'll pop at some point, that's what bubbles generally do, but when is unpredictable, and it doesn't really matter. BSV is in a different situation. It can have real substantial value, but only if the system gets enough momentum to survive. It's in a desperate situation because we're late now by its own internal schedule. So it's also likely to fail, not because it's inherently worthless but because it's not in a good position to establish the feedback loop that would allow it to express its inherent value. My intuition is that it'll have an even harder time if there's a depression, because that makes doing lots of things more difficult, but it would have a difficult road coming up even if things are stable.
By the way thanks for creating this topic. Looking forward to brainstorming together!