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BSV Basics

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SPV can not stop double spends? i.e if the customer and merchant both are offline but have the latest block headers, transaction and merkle proof.
glauce tipped:
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2 years ago
The post I mentioned covers this too... with damn good answers! Here is that link again: https://powping.com/posts/e33f07e15093ffe920fd7ddabb3fcc14a61f7ef5d6633d863ccf804b7c57d518
reldavs tipped:
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2 years ago
merchant has to be online or transacation can not be valided.In some other usecase when transaction need continued service flow.bitcoin sv can be accepted offline.
reldavs replied:
Merchant can validate the transaction (offline) but can not be sure that it's not a double spent. But maybe I'm missing something. What do you mean with continued service flow? payment channels (multi sig first on the blockchain?)