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Scenario: X is the only channel moderator X has blocked Y X creates a channel and Y joins it Is it at all possible? if so, will X get a notification? I'm thinking if X cant even see Y's posts or comments, and don't get any notification of any of Y's actions on powping at all - does this also apply to X's channel? If this is the case, Y can post and comment whatever Y wants, and breaks the channel rules, totally unbeknownst to X. If someone else notices Y breaking the rules and bother letting X know, how can X block Y from the channel if X can't see Y? (and already has Y in the "private" block-list?) Channel block list vs private block list?
Yes those need to be separate. 1. You can block a user personally. 2. When in a channel, the admin can block a user from the channel if the user misbehaves within the context of that channel. Currently channel bans are not implemented yet, but it's in the plans.