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@unwriter why the moneybutton permissions deal? Is it meant to make payments easier? Because the way it is worded sounds like you can spend and do whatever you want. Am I over reading this??
The moneybutton permissions asks you to allow "$0 permission" along with the signature method. The signature is the only feature we're using on PowPing, so it's actually off putting to display such a scary dialog. I've talked to the Moneybutton team and they are aware of this and said they will provide options to improve these messages so they display only the permissions the app needs. That said, now you can use both options, so if you don't like the instant posting you can switch to the "strict" mode https://powping.com/posts/deec023a96640a1c7922f2aa129732b6a020bc0183e2d51a4f73a575aa19b954
I think it’s the opposite. It’s so you don’t have to swipe to post. Still have to swipe for payments