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Wow, what an utter CHOKE-a-rama by Philthadelphia. Tobias Harris missed like 5 shots from 1 foot away from the basket, Embiid allowed Capela to dunk on him 4x, Trae couldn't shoot for shit and yet had no problem penetrating Philly's "elite" defenders (to get alley-oops on Embiid), and Simmons played like a scared little boy. Entire team was crap, and fearing loss more than chasing winning. Don't be like the 76ers in life, play to win, focus on the good, and ignore the bad to the best of your abilities. Meanwhile, Mikal Bridges proving how good he is (given up by Suxers for Z-hair) and Chris Paul proving OFF THE COURT that his influence on Devin Booker is nothing short of amazing. Booker even passes and plays defense now-- and with Ayton and Bridges proving a young "big 3" it looks like they have a GREAT chance of upsetting this whole league.