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Tried at least a half dozen times today alone to figure out when or why powping recognizes a link and includes a screenshot. No idea at this point how it works. tried shareable link as well as URL link. Nothing seems to work. Anyone have any ideas? Here's my experiments: https://powping.com/posts/d687dac9b20e7d31ad71259b8277bbd6774b8521b046ffb662d15dbaab57de30 @unwriter hope you're still alive and working hard!
unwriter is doing fine. He posted on https://atlantistic.slack.com/ on February 28.
would have to dig up one of like 3 passwords to figure out Slack again, what'd she say?
bitcoinsteffen replied:
Nothing special. Fixing things which doesn't work, and communicating with others about it.
No reason to be on Slack anymore, not when@unwriter has built his own help-channel on his own socialized platform. It's time to dogfood.
Plus, slack blows.