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Life’s pressure floats my boat

Life’s pressure floats my boat

The ocean is deep and dark and mysterious and full of life at increasing pressure.

But that pressure floats my boat.

I am above, not beneath.

The ocean is not just life, but the ocean also is my psyche.

Almost 100% is the ocean, the unseen part of me. Full of depth and mystery and life it is.

Full of increasing pressure the deeper it goes.

But that pressure pushes me upward into the sun and wind and air.

The ocean of me floats my boat with me inside.

The ocean’s pressure floats my boat.

For this I am grateful for the depth and dark and mystery and crushing pressure.

Because the pressure doesn’t crush me. It lifts me. Like an Eagle soaring on the wind. That is me floating on the ocean.

Beneath are creatures that enjoy the crushing pressures. They have their place down there. I am grateful for them.

They have their place down there.

For me, sun and surf are my place. Floating in my boat uplifted by the depths of the sea.

This is my portion and my lot, this is my joy and delight. This is my life.

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