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Bible Study

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Follow the Bible Project for great content on how to study the Bible. I love their approach. https://twitter.com/bibleproject/status/1292837723649314817?s=19
orac tipped:
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2 years ago
I've watched a lot of their youtube videos. They have a good introductory approach which is good for new believers and people wanting to understand more about Scripture. I have found, however, at least one video where they incorrectly presented Scripture in order to better fit their own narrative. This one: https://youtube.com/watch?v=HGHqu9-DtXk
They claim that Mark is structured in three acts (fair enough), with the first act being from chapter 1-8a. However, in their visual the end of the first act happen in chapter 4. Similarly, they claim the second act is from chapter 8b to 10, but in their visual the end of the second act happens in chapter 9. They are trying to make the claim that each act ends with the disciples of Jesus being scared and confused. This is misleading.
chrispin_kabuya replied:
@dan_lazo thanks for pointing that out. I have mostly like their simplicity. We definitely have to question everything, we can't just accept as truth.