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feature-request (maybe bug?) In replies, the auto-address system doesn't work. So if you type@unwriter it won't autocomplete for you. In this post it did, but this is an original post. Replies seem to lack that feature. UX suggestion box: It took me months to figure out where the "share link" was, as my EYES are drawn to the plethora of auto-share options (twatter, LinkedIN, etc....) which have nice tiles. But the one I actually use MOST is just the copy-URL sharing method. This IS provided, but for some reason it hides as plain-text box which appears with no real pomp or circumstance, and thus I've missed it entirely. I've even spent upto 10 minutes trying to figure out just how to get the link for a post, and my eyes easily missd the pop-up box. Yesterday I finally found it, but it took AWHILE. If I'm having trouble finding it, others are too. I would just make it a black box similar to the others, a one-press button. See@symre@galbuki (I know Gal is on here, but couldn't get autocomplete with just gal, hmmm) for just adding a copy button and an "alert" box which tells you it was successfully copied. This way is rather universal, instead of current system of cutting the URL out of a texty-box. But I wanna say that this 2nd one is very minor, and the fact you have sharing at ALL is a huge plus. I'll get back to working on SAME for my app (hangs head goes back to work). In www.SLictionary.com you can always just write the definition, and then old-fashioned cut-paste the URL afterwards-- works!
I copy the link from my browsers address bar. There is no need to click a share button first.
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2 years ago
john replied:
Yeah, I guess I should've tested that, but even if I did it's something I'd forget the next time I needed it, and default to the sharing options at the bottom.