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I am trying to run this bsv academy code: const { Address, TxBuilder, TxOut, KeyPair, Bn, PrivKey } = require('bsv') // Parameters needed for TxBuilder and filling them with the // spending output/UTXO values // Use https://api.mattercloud.net/api/v3/main/address/19Hv2xm2xypAPsnz7NhXu3b9YRU9USn93i/utxo // to get the details of values below for a given UTXO const addressUtxoStr = '19Hv2xm2xypAPsnz7NhXu3b9YRU9USn93i' const satoshisUtxoNumber = 8119 const utxoVoutNumber = 0 const utxoTxidStr = '221b42c696587aaca6df870a2d95b5cfd1dd18825d2732136e6d7fa88091695f' const utxoPrivKeyWifStr = 'L1H2gUHKEQcjGAxMnispD5d1StASoyhv6zCsPeCriAfZgBPZehF1' const changeAddressStr = '19Hv2xm2xypAPsnz7NhXu3b9YRU9USn93i' const satoshisToSendNumber = 5000 const targetAddresStr = '1HayBXYGb7AFPoAAM5P3dNibiQANVve7wN' // Start to build the tx. Everything about Building transactions is present at // Github : bsv/lib/tx-builder.js const builder = new TxBuilder() // add an input const fundTxOut = TxOut.fromProperties( Bn().fromNumber(satoshisUtxoNumber), Address.fromString(addressUtxoStr).toTxOutScript() ) const fundTxHashBuf = Buffer.from(utxoTxidStr, 'hex').reverse() builder.inputFromPubKeyHash(fundTxHashBuf, utxoVoutNumber, fundTxOut) // Add output to address builder.outputToAddress(Bn().fromNumber(satoshisToSendNumber), Address.fromString(targetAddresStr)) // Set change address builder.setChangeAddress(Address.fromString(changeAddressStr)) // build tx builder.build() // This saves the tx inside the "tx" attribute // sign const keyPairs = [ KeyPair.fromPrivKey(PrivKey.fromWif(utxoPrivKeyWifStr)) ] builder.signWithKeyPairs(keyPairs) console.log(builder.tx.toHex()) // Signed tx // run the JS file on node terminal and it will display - //01000000015f699180a87f6d6e1332275d8218ddd1cfb5952d0a87dfa6ac7a5896c6421b22000000006a473044022024d4b7 But when I run it, it says: const builder = new TxBuilder() ^ TypeError: TxBuilder is not a constructor at Object.<anonymous> What do I do wrong??
Ok. Just in case somebody had the same problem, just upload bsv.js library... I had version 1, and it works with 2.